Memoir of my first photograph exhibition in 2001


My photograph exhibitions in 2001

I had two personal photograph exhibitiions in 2001.

In the first exhibition, actually first for me, 60 photos are exhibited including Oze marsh, Nasu and Nikko mountains, South Alps(Japan), etc. All photos are printed on A3Nobi(enlarged A3).

In the second exhibition, where the booth was much smaller, 24 photos of Oze marsh are selected and exhibited.

Second one is the selection of the first, then it might be more precise that I had photograph exhibitions 1.5 times in 2001.

All photos are taken in 1974-1977, one year after I began to work.

[equipments for the exhibited photos]

Camera: Asahi Pentax 6X7
Lens: SMC Takumar 55mm, 105mm, 200mm
Film: KODAK EKTACHROME Professional (EPR)
Scanner: Epson GT-8700F
Printer: Epson PM-3500C


Oze(spring) Oze(summer) Other mountains

Oze marsh(spring)

Oze marsh(summer)

Other mountains




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