About the webmaster of this site


year of birth : 1950

place of birth : Hitachi city Ibaraki prefecture Japan. I live in this city for more than 60 years. It is only the product of chance.

current life : retired once from long-term working for company at the age of 60, then worked for public corporation for a year, then now I enjoy "absolutely retired life".

what I do now : My private life includes photography, research of Japanese issues about language, classic literature and history. For photography I've been an amateir cameraman inermittently for ten years and for the other fields I am virtually freshman(just started).

self-portraitself-portrait : At Mt. Nasu, once I spent a night for shots of Nasu Mountains at dawn. Unexpectedly Okurayama range in the west was very beautifull but all camera angles can't escape from my shadow. So I took only one shot thinking it would be no use. Unexpectedly again, I've found its use here.

what is "fujikumonitsuki" : Once my daughter was a child, she showed a piece of paper and asked me to draw a picture. So I drew a picure of Mt. Fuji(fuji) surrounded by clouds(kumo), and(ni) the moon(tsuki). Now that composition is the "emblem" of this site.